Pros and Cons of Operations Management

Advantages of Operations Management

Operations management can easily aid an organization implement strategic objectives, planning, controlling, strategic processes, and more. A primary focus of operations management includes effectively managing any resources of an organization in order to maximize the potential of any products or services that are offered by the company. Operations management can benefit a company through adequately managing areas of the operation such as human resources, production, inventory, logistics, purchasing, materials management, and more. Overall, operations management is a key factor within manufacturing operations that wish to take their production to the next level.

Disadvantages of Operations Management

One of the main disadvantages of operations management includes its dependence on utilizing many different components to work together and achieve success. Even with an effective plan, operations management will fail if the plan is not carried out in the proper manner. Since humans are mistake prone, this is a prevalent problem within manufacturing operations. Most of the time, this issue occurs most frequently during the transition from manufacturing to sale. Therefore, it is important to ensure that operations management is coordinating various areas effectively such as the operation, marketing, finance, accounting, engineering, information, and human resources. Overall, if the individual components are not working well together, there will only be a limited amount of success within the organization.


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