Options at Bottom of the Program Window

User Preferences in Photo Editor:

1. Single View: In Single View mode, you’ll only have one photo. All the changes you made will display on the photo directly.

2. Switch between Before and After Views: There’re 4 view modes, include Vertical Side-by-Side View, Vertical Split View, Horizontal Side-by-Side View, and Horizontal Split View. You’re allowed to select one mode in the drop-down menu.

Vertical Side-by-Side View:

Vertical Split View:

Horizontal Side-by-Side View:

Horizontal Split View:

3. Rotate: With the Rotate button, you are able to rotate your photo 90 degree at a time in the clockwise direction.

4. Pan and Zoom: If your photo is large in size, you can take advantage of this option to zoom in or out your photo. You need to click the option and drag the slider to adjust the size of your photo.

You can also use the Zoom Out and Zoom In tool beside the Pan and Zoom option to adjust the photo size. The hotkey for Zoom Out is Ctrl+-, and the hotkey for Zoom In is Ctrl++.

5. Actual Size: After clicking this button, your photo will return to its original size.

6. Fit to Screen: Your photo will fit to the program window when you click this button.

7. Quick Launch: There’s a small triangle icon at the bottom of the program window. If you have multiple pictures in the folder to deal with, you can click this icon, and then you’ll see all the pictures below.

You can also see the Left and Right Arrow at the lower-left corner. With the help of these options, you’ll be able to switch to another photo immediately.

8. Show/Hide Filmstrip: You can click this option to call up the Filmstrip directly. The other button beside it is Show/Hide Panels, which enables you to show or hide the panel at the right side of the program window.

9. Save Settings as New Effect: If you have made any adjustments to the photos, you can save this adjustment as a new effect so that you can apply the effect to your other photos easily.

10. Add to Favorites: You can add the effects which you like most to Favorite category by clicking the Add to Favorites icon when you move the mouse onto the thumbnail of the effect.


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