Nature of International Marketing

The task of marketing manager is to mould the endogenous and exogenous factors in the light of opportunities and threats facing the company. These endogenous and exogenous factors might again be controllable or uncontrollable. Therefore the manager is basically framing his controllables in the light of uncontrollables. The controllables for a marketing manager include the four P’s of marketing and resources within the company. Whereas, the uncontrollables can further be classified into domestic uncontrollables and foreign uncontrollables.

Which markets first? Many businesses expect to expand internationally by targeting countries. But one country may comprise several markets. Which markets within that country do you target first?

Which country first? For a start, that’s the wrong question. As you already know, Indian and American aren’t languages, but rather names for the denizens of India and America. Therein lies the problem.


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