Multimedia Message Service

Multimedia message service (MMS) messages are messages that contain graphics, audio, video, or images as well as text. These messages allow for richer information to be sent to prospects, but the costs are considerably higher. They use wireless application protocol (WAP) to download rich content onto mobile phones.

MMS messages are particularly useful in viral campaigns, whether encouraging participants to use their phones to create content (photographic, audio, or video) or encouraging users to pass on content.

Because there is no standard screen size across all mobile devices, MMS messages may display differently on different phone models.

Bluetooth and Infrared

Most modern mobile phones present an array of means for connecting. As well as using the cellular network, many phones have 3G (third-generation) and Wi-Fi (wireless-fidelity) capabilities, and the ability to connect via Bluetooth or infrared.

If a user sets his Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to “discoverable,” Bluetooth devices within range of the phone can request to connect to the phone and exchange messages and data. This can be used to send location-specific marketing messages, such as discount codes in a shopping mall.

Smartphones are susceptible to receiving viruses via Bluetooth, so this is not necessarily the ideal channel to reach smartphone users. Outdoor display advertising can be fitted to send Bluetooth messages to people within range of the advertising. The messages can contain further information to offer a richer, longer lasting experience. Note that these messages are often unexpected, so care must be taken not to be intrusive. There should be marketing collateral easily available and accessible that describes what the campaign is about.


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