Marketing Mix-Promotion

Promotion mix, as it is mentioned the aspect of selling and advertising, or communicating the benefits of the product or service, to the target customers or the market segment involved in order to persuade them to purchase such products or services. 

Promotion Objectives

1. Develop personal relations with client (personal relations might result in satisfaction, more than their service offer).

2. Make a strong impression of competency, honesty and sincerity (professional orientation to service transaction so as to win buyers confidence in sellers abilities to deliver the services).

3. Should be able to use indirect selling techniques (creating derived demand or act as a buying consultant).

4. Manage to maintain a fine image by positive word of mouth.

5. Packaging and customization.

The Guidelines which can be kept in mind while promoting services are as follows.

a) Use simple, clear messages.

b) Emphasize the benefits of service.

c) Promise only that which can be delivered and do not exaggerate claims.

d) Build on word-of-mouth communication by using testimony of actual consumers in advertisements.

e) Provide tangible clues to services by using well-known personalities or objects to help customers identify the service.

Target Audience

While defining the objectives of the communication campaign, the target audience is to be cleared. In service sectors there is a direct contact between the person who provides the service and the customers.

Therefore, some amount of promotion should be targeted at the employees so as to motivate them to serve the customer better. In such communications the objective can also be to educate the employees about how to handle operational problems so as to increase their performance level.


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