Marketing Manager’s Responsibilities To Society

Marketing manager is responsible to Society. He serves as a link between the organization and the society. he puts the demand of the people in society before the concern and brings the company’s product to the people in society. He owes great responsibility to the society at large.

His main responsibilities to the society are,

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is the fundamental principle of modern marketing concept. The marketing manager studies the consumers behaviors, their preferences, tastes, and fashions in relation to the products. The endeavors to modify the products according the needs of the actual users.

Reducing Product Costs

Reducing product cost is anther obligation of the marketing manager towards the society. by making the various marketing activities efficient, economical and effective, he can reduce the costs of the products per unit. It will help the consumers to get goods at reasonable prices. If the company does not transfer the benefits of the reduced cost to the customers, and retains the whole of the profits itself, the society is still benefited. In that case, the retained earnings are invested in the development of new products or they will be distributed to the shareholders as dividend. In both the cases, society will gain.

Providing information

One of the obligations of the marketing manager is to provide information about the qualities of the products of the company in a way the consumers may make up their minds to purchase the company‟s products. It helps making the image o the company and its products.

Marketing Social Needs

He studies the actual wants of the people and organizes production accordingly. Goods are produced on a large scale at one place. He undertakes the important task of distribution of goods and looks to the total satisfaction of the consumers.

Providing Employment

A large number of persons are engaged in the marketing activates such as wholesalers, retailers, advertisers, insurance agents, transporters, bankers, clerks, salesmen, tec. Thus marketing activities provide employment to large number of people. Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that the marketing manager is responsible to the society in many respects which he should execute sincerely.


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