Managing Your WordPress Themes

1. To manage your WordPress themes, expand the Appearance menu in the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Here, you’ll see the Themes page.

3. The very first theme listed on this page is your Active theme. Here we also see an option to Customize. If you click this button, you’ll see a preview window that allows you to make stylistic changes to your site, such as your Site Identity (Site Title, Tagline & Site Icon). From here, you can also make changes to Menus and the Front Page.

4. If you return back to the Themes page, you’ll see a grid list of available themes in addition to your active theme. These are themes that have been also installed on your WordPress site, but aren’t active.

5. If you click the Live Preview link under any theme, you’ll see a preview of how your site would look with that theme. In the preview, you can navigate to different pages to see how the theme handles posts, archives and other page templates.

6. In the left-hand panel of the preview window, you can edit the theme settings. These settings will differ, depending on what theme features the theme supports.

7. To accept the new settings and activate the theme all in one step, click the Save & Activate button at the top of the left-hand panel.


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