Linking Audio with Movavi Video Editor

You can link audio clips to videos or images on the main video track so that they stay in sync as you edit your project. To link an audio clip:

1. Select an audio clip on the audio track at the bottom of the Timeline.
2. Drag it up, towards the video clip you want to link it with.
3. You'll see that a new audio track has appeared, and a blue line now connects the video and audio clips. Drop the audio clip onto this new track. The audio clip is now linked to the video clip with the blue line.

Fading audio

In the editing tools, you can add smooth fades to the beginning or the end of a clip and create a crossfade effect between songs.

Step 1: On the Timeline, select the clip that you want to fade.
Step 2: Click the Audio Properties button on the toolbar. The clip properties will open in the Tools panel above.
Step 3: Set the fade length using the sliders on the Audio tab.

Fade in – how long in seconds it will take to fade in from silence to full volume at the beginning of the clip.
Fade out – how long in seconds it will take to fade out from full volume to silence at the end of the clip.


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