Layout Category in the Insert Panel

From the Layout category in the Insert panel, you can insert tables, table elements, div tags, frames, and Spry widgets. You can choose between two modes for tables. Standard mode displays a table as a grid of lines. 

Expanded Tables mode adds cell padding and spacing to tables and increases table borders to make editing easier.

Insert Div Tag: Insert a div tag to create a content block.

Insert Fluid Grid Layout Div Tag: Insert a flexible-positioned div tag to display content at a variable location on the page.

Draw AP Div: Insert an absolutely-positioned div tag to hold content at a specific location on the page.

Spry Menu Bar: Insert a set of navigational menu buttons that display submenus when a site visitor hovers over one of the buttons.

Spry Tabbed Panels: Insert tabs that a site visitor can click to reveal hidden content.

Spry Accordion: Insert a set of collapsible panels that can store a large amount of content in a compact space.

Spry Collapsible Panel: Insert a panel that can hide or reveal a large amount of content when a site visitor clicks the tab of the panel.

Table: Insert a table.

Insert Row Above: Insert a row above the current row in a table.

Insert Row Below: Insert a row below the current row.

Insert Column to the Left: Insert a column to the left of the current column.

Insert Column to the Right: Insert a column to the right of the current column.


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