Introduction to Marketing

In the modern world, Marketing is everywhere; most of the task we do and most of the things we handle are linked to marketing. Marketing is an activity. Marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products.

Your morning tea, your newspaper, your breakfast, the dress you put on for the day, the vehicle you drive, the mobile in your pocket, the quick lunch you have at the fast food joint, the PC at your desk, your internet connection, your e-mail ID almost everything that you use and everything that is around you, has been touched by marketing. Marketing has its imprint on them all depending on the product and the context/experience the imprint may be visible or subtle. But it is very much there. Marketing permeates most of your daily activities. Marketing is an omnipresent entity.

Traditional Concept of Marketing

According to the traditional concept, marketing means selling goods and services that have been produced. Thus, all those activities which are concerned with persuasion and sale of goods and services, are called marketing. This concept of marketing emphasizes on promotion and sale of goods and services and little attention is paid to consumer satisfaction. This concept has the following implications:

(a) The main focus of this concept is on product, i.e., we have a product and it has to be sold. So, we have to persuade the consumers to buy our product.

(b) All efforts of the marketing people are concentrated on selling the product. They adopt all means like personal selling and sales promotion to boost the sales.

(c) The ultimate goal of all marketing activity is to earn profit through maximization of sales.

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