Introduction to e-Commerce

E‐Commerce is a latest technology related with commerce and computer. Commerce is the exchange or transformation or buying and selling of entities (goods or commodities) on a very large scale involving transportation from one place to another. [Webster ]E‐ Commerce is the process of doing business online.
Or we can say that E‐commerce is to conduct business by using the IT (Information technology, i.e., computer technology and electronic communication) it is the buying and selling of items or goods or services on the Web using electronic communication and digital information processing technology.EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is an early form of e‐commerce. Its high cost, use of proprietary standards etc. hampered the spread of e‐commerce.

By the help of the flexibility offered by computer networks and the availability of the Internet , Ecommerce develop on traditional commerce . E-commerce creates new opportunities for performing profitable activities online. It promotes easier cooperation between different groups: businesses sharing information to improve customer relations; companies working together to design and build new products/services; or multinational company sharing information for a major marketing campaign.

The followings are the business uses of the Internet. These services and capabilities are a core part of a successful e-commerce program. They are either parts of a value chain or are included as supporting activities:

• Buying and selling products and services
• Providing customer service
• Communicating within organizations
• Collaborating with others
• Gathering information (on competitors, and so forth)
• Providing seller support
• Publishing and distributing information
• Providing software update and patches

E‐commerce is the process of doing business electronic. It changes the entire business scenario due to the powerful innovation of Internet, which is spreading fast through the world. The power of Internet as a global access was felt with the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1994. This global network makes global relations with the companies made easier. It is predicted that, in the near future the digital economy will overtake the traditional economy of all developed countries.
E‐commerce is a composite of technologies process and business strategies that foster the instant exchange of information within between organization. E‐commerce strengthens relationship with buyers make it easier to attract new customer, improves customer responsiveness and open new markets on a global scale. E‐commerce is the application of various communication technologies to provide the automated exchange of business information with internal and external customer, suppliers and financial institutions.

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