Importance of IMC

1) Awareness: IMC tools play an important role in creating awareness of the products with respect to brand name and brand availability. It brings to the notice of the potential customer the new varieties of goods available in the market.

2) Information: Product information is needed when the product is recently launched in the market. Potential customer must know about the product, features. IMC provides this information through various techniques so that the buyer can take correct decision while buying the goods.

3) To increase sales. A proper communication mix tends to increase the sales of the organization. This is possible as increased sales brings economies of large scale production which enables the seller to reduce cost and increase profit.

4) To inform the intermediaries. IMC act as a communication channel between the sellers and the intermediaries like dealer and agents. These intermediaries are regularly informed through sales literature, pamphlets, brochures, price list etc.

5) Expansion of the market: IMC help the seller to expand the business from local level to regional level and to national level. This expansion provides his goodwill, recognition through out the country.

6) More specialized media. It used to be said that mass media was enough to cover any advertiser's needs. But with ever increasing ad clutter, shorter attention spans and greater resistance to advertising, customers now tend to be a lot more selective: they shut out the stuff they feel they don't need, and go with the stuff that they want. Therefore with IMC sellers can retain the attention of customer by diverting their attention through various Communication Mix.


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