Impacts of eCommerce

The introduction of e‐commerce has impacted on the traditional means of online exchanges. It is creating a new market place and opportunities for the reorganization of economic processes, in a more efficient way.

The open structure of the Internet and the low cost of using it permit the interconnection of new and existing information and communication technologies. It offers businesses and consumers an innovative and powerful information system and another form of communication. This changes the way they search and consumer products, with these products increasingly customized, distributed and exchanged differently.

The advent of e‐ commerce has seen a dramatic impact on the traditional ways of doing business. It has brought producers and consumers closer together and eradicated many of the costs previously encountered. It is evident that the supply industry will benefit from e‐commerce which includes those producing computers, networking equipment and the software necessary. It is also evident that a negative impact will be targeted at direct substitutes, such as retail travel agencies, retailers of software and “bricks and mortar: music stores. However, these impacts will be small compared to the developments imaginable.


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