Impact of e-Commerce

Electronic commerce is a new method business that mixes all of the prior methods and transaction styles. Electronic commerce and electronic business have impact on many districts of business for instance, economics, marketing, computer science, finance and accounting, production and operation management, management information system, human source management, business law and ethics. The following are some of the factors describe.

• Marketing - The raise of information technologies and computer networks has many effects in business especially in field of marketing. Everyone can make markets work with more efficient and they can improve their career with information management within a group. In this case, they can decrease cost of operations and catch new markets and new opportunities for selling and transactions.

• Economics - In industry world, managers must encourage and conduct employees to devise plans to take advantages of new economic opportunities. Electronic commerce is creating new opportunities to the global economic, for example in global travel and tourism industry. Transforming from traditional business method to electronic commerce method is hard and there were many different factors for companies to adapt them with electronic commerce factors. For this work, they must used Internet and many other online networks, because for grow and use from new economic opportunities in each industry it is necessary to be match with new technologies.

• Finance and Accounting - Two decades of progress in information technology and development of its applications in the field of economic and social to form a new chapter of relations between people, institutions, companies and governments and new concepts are emerging on literature of economic and trade. Internet as a global network, as well as prerequisite of electronic commerce, for reason flexibility, attractive, ease for use, low cost access and ubiquity, is changing the traditional business moreover, electronic commerce had a significant impact on finance and accounting that include saving time, disinflation, increase productivity, reduce the demand for money (reduce the cost of publishing) and etc.

• Production and operation management - The outcomes of manager’s work, by on time product qualify productions and with the least cost is determined. For this purpose, first requirement is correct information. Electronic commerce is the best way to have the most accurate and correct information for managers because, consumers transmit their demands to managers directly.


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