How the WWW Works

To get connectivity of Internet and browse the Web you have to have these components.

■ A Computer -This is the PC at which you see the web.
■ A Web browser − A special software installed on your PC which helps you to browse the Web.
■ An internet connection − This is provided by an ISP and connects you to the internet to reach to any Website.
■ A Web server − This is the special computer on Internet which a website is hosted.

The Web is known as a client-server system. Your computer is the client and the other special computers that store electronic files are the servers.

While the Internet is an infrastructure providing inter connectivity between network computers, the web is one of the services of the Internet. It is a collection of documents that can be shared across Internet-enabled computers. The network of web servers is the backbone of the World Wide Web.

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to gain access to the web. A web browser requests for a particular web page to the web server, which responds with the requested page and its contents. It displays the page as rendered by HTML or other web languages used. Each resource on the web is identified by a globally unique identifier (URI). The domain name system, a hierarchical naming system for computers and resources on the Internet, is used to resolve the URL into an IP address.


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