How to Use One Click Sharpen Tool

When we have a grainy photo, and want to make it clear, we can take advantage of the 1 Click Sharpen feature of Fotophire Focus. This guide will show you how to do that in easy steps.

Step 1. Start Photo Focus

Download and install Fotophire Focus on your computer, and start it. Then you’ll see a panel that includes Fotophire Focus and another two Fotophire products.

Step 2. Add Picture from Your Computer

Choose Photo Focus in the panel, and you’ll see the main interface of the program. Now you can click Open at the top middle of the program window to add photo from your computer.

Step 3. One Click Sharpen

After adding the photo into the program, you can enter the panel at the right side of the program window. Then you’ll need to choose PRESETS tab, and select App Presets option. After that, click the Sharpen button to make your photo sharpen.

Step 4. Save Changes

Now you can click the Save button at the top middle of the main interface to save the picture onto your computer.


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