How to Split,Trim,Join Clips on Timeline

Splitting, trimming and merging are basic video editing features. Splitting a large video into several small clips is very useful for uploading, transferring or easy distribution. Trimming can help you to easily delete unwanted elements like ads from YouTube or other hosting sites, pauses or unnecessary content. Joining videos and creating funny short films or video collages is a great way to spend time. MovieMator gives you an easy way to split/trim/join video clips of any format with ease.

How to Split Video Clips on the Timeline?

Step 1. Split video clips into two parts

First click on the target video on the Timeline and move the playhead marker to the point where you want to split it. You can also locate a particular part of the video by playing it in the preview window.

Next, there are 3 ways to split the video clip into two parts. One is to click the “Split” button on the interface, the second one is to right-click on the video clip and choose “Split At Playhead(s)”, the third one is to directly press “S”.

Step 2: Split large video clips to several small clips

Just repeat the last step (step2) to split the large videos to several small video clips for uploading, transferring or easy distribution.

How to Trim Video/Audio Clips on the Timeline?

Step 1: The unwanted part is at the beginning or the end of your video clips

Hang your mouse at the edge of the video clips until the trim icon shows up, then drag it forward or backward to the ending points of the unwanted part to trim it out.

Step 2: The unwanted part is in the middle of your video clips

When the useless part is in the middle of your video clips, to trim it out, you need to split the video first then delete the split part .To split the video, firstly, you need to locate the beginning and ending points of the unwanted part by dragging the playhead forward or backward at the beginning and ending points, click the “Split” icon to split it.

Secondly, select the unwanted part then click the “Delete” icon or right-click on the part and tap “Remove” to delete it. What if you delete a necessary part by accident? Do not worry as you can click the “Undo” icon to get it back.

How to Join Video Clips on the Timeline?

Step 1: Add all videos you want to join to the same video track on the timeline. All video files will join together as one video without transition. But you can add transitions between video clips as followed.

Step 2: Add Transitions Between Videos (Optional)

Drag video clip to create overlap firstly, then can right click on the green rectangle and tap “Properties” to choose your desired transition. When the transition is selected, it is a good idea to custom the softness of this video transition and to choose your favorite audio transition.

Step 3: Export video files as one file

Now preview the combined video and when you are satisfied, click "Export" button to save multiple video clips to a single home movie.


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