How to Set Video Speed

With the Speed tool, you can speed up or slow down a video or audio clip. This can be useful if you're working on a music video and you want the video to match the tempo of the music.

Step 1: On the Timeline, select the clip you want to edit.
• Note that slowing down videos works best on videos with a frame rate of 60 FPS (frames per second) and above.
• You can also change the speed of any audio clip.
• If you modify the speed of a video with built-in audio, the audio speed will also be changed.

Step 2: Click the Clip Properties button to open the editing tools for the selected clip.

Step 3: Drag the Speed slider to set the necessary video speed, where 100% is the video's original speed.
The clip's length on the Timeline will change to reflect the new speed. If you've changed video speed, the video clips will be marked with a star icon.


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