How to Post on WordPress

Now that you’ve Installed the desired theme, you are ready to start creating content.

Speaking of building a WordPress based website, posts are probably the most fundamental part. In your website’s dashboard hover the mouse pointer over Posts. A sub menu will open. Click Add New.

Afterward, the post editor (WYSIWY) will show up. If you just want to create a new post, to see how it works exactly, without adding anything, except for words in it, pay attention to:

Post Title – here is where you put the title of the post. On the front end of the site, as you can imagine, this part will stay above the post content.

Post – this is the bigger white window. Here you’ll put the content in. On the upper right corner of this window you can see two tabs.

After you are ready with the Post Title, and the Post itself click on Publish. Now you can go to the front end of the site to see your first post.


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