How to Make a Panorama in PaintShop Pro

Learning how to make a panorama gives you one more tool to ensure your memories are preserved just as you remember them. Because the human eye has a much wider peripheral than the average camera lens, making a panoramic photo is sometimes the best way to capture that breathtaking scene just the way you saw it.

PaintShop Pro makes it easy to piece together individual photos to produce a seamless panoramic image. Learn techniques for working with layers, placing and aligning images, and cropping your final image. And for photos that aren’t so easy to align, learn how to “erase your tracks” with the Eraser tool.

You’ll learn how to:

• Create a new image with a custom canvas size
• Use layers to bring multiple images onto one canvas
• Align images to one another with the help of layer translucency and positioning tools
• Crop your final image
• Remove any seams that may appear between adjacent images


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