How to Erase Unwanted Objects from Photos

We’ll need to remove the unwanted objects from photos when we don’t want these objects ruins the whole photo. In this guide, we’re going to introduce how to erase unwanted objects from photos with Photo Eraser.

Step 1. Start Program and Choose Photo Eraser

Firstly, download and install Fotophire Editing Toolkit on your computer, then start it. Now click Photo Eraser in the panel.

Step 2. Add Photo from Computer

When Photo Eraser starts, you can click Open option at the upper left corner of the program to add photos from your computer.

Step 3. Select ERASER Tool at Right Side

After adding the picture into program window, you’ll see a panel at the right side of the program window. Now you’ll need to choose ERASE in the panel.

Step 4. Erase Unwanted Objects

By default, Photo Eraser provides you the Selection Brush. You can pick up the objects you want to erase in the photo, and click the Erase button to erase the object from your picture.

There’re several other tools, including Selection Rectangle, Lasso Selection, Polygon Selection, and Fix Selection.

Selection Rectangle: Allow you to select a rectangular area of the picture.
Lasso Selection: Enable you to select the object by circling around it.
Polygon Selection: Allow you to draw straight lines around the objects.

After selecting the area or objects you want to remove, you can click the Erase button to remove the objects. If you’re not satisfied with the area you’ve selected, you can use the Fix Selection tool to move the unwanted selections.

If you want to select a bigger or smaller area to erase, you can adjust the size of the brush so that you can erase more precisely than ever.


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