How to Crop Photos with Photo Cutter

The cropping feature of Photo Cutter enables you to crop photos to the ideal size you want. The following guide will show you how to crop photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit in detail.

Step 1. First of all, you’ll need to download and install Fotophire Editing Toolkit on your computer. Then start the program by double-clicking program icon on your computer. After that, you’ll see the main interface of the program.

Step 2. Choose Photo Cutter and you’ll see the main interface of this program. Now you can click Open at the upper left corner to open the image from your computer.

Step 3. After adding the photo into the program window, you’ll see the panels at the right side of the program window. Now you can choose Crop tab in the panel, and then your photo will be covered with the gridlines.

Step 4. Now you can choose the width-to-height ratio you want to crop, or set up the ratio according to your need.

You can also change the angle of the photo to crop a different area from the picture.

Step 5. Click the Crop button in the program window, or hit Enter key on your keyboard to crop the picture. After that, you can save the picture to your computer by clicking the Save button at the top middle of the main interface.


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