How to Create Forms

You can use forms to interact with or gather information from site visitors. With forms, visitors can provide feedback, sign a guest book, take a survey, or place an order for merchandise. In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, you can create a variety of form elements, such as text fields, password fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, pop-up menus, and clickable images (such as a Submit button). 

The Forms category in the Insert panel contains buttons for creating forms and inserting form elements.

To add a text field

In the form Properties panel, select one of the three types of text fields:

• Single Line text for short answers
• Multi Line text for long answers such as the visitor’s description of a problem with a purchased item
• Password text for passwords (in which asterisks appear in place of typed characters)

Using checkboxes and radio buttons

Visitors click a checkbox or radio button to make a choice. With checkboxes, visitors can toggle a single option on or off, or they can select one or more options from a group of options. With radio buttons, visitors can select only one option from a group of options.

• Click the Checkbox button in the Insert panel.

• Click the Radio Group button in the Insert panel to insert a group.

Using list menus and drop-down menus (List/Menu)

Lists and menus allow visitors to select options from a list or pop-up menu. With a list menu, you can display multiple options in a confined space and allow visitors to select multiple items. Visitors can select only one item from a pop-up menu.

• Click the List/Menu button.

Using form buttons

Form buttons control form operations. Use a form button to submit data entered into a form to the server or to reset the form. There are two types of form buttons: Standard text buttons are the browser's default button style, with text you want to display (Submit, Send, or Reset) graphical buttons use the graphic of your choice.


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