How to Add Text to Your Videos

Adding text titles to your movie allows you to express your thoughts and supplement the audio with subtitles.

Step 1: Go to the Titles tab - On the left-hand side of the window, click the Titles button to view the titles collection.

• Click on a title style's thumbnail to preview its looks in the player and choose the titles you want to use.
• If you really like a title style, click the heart icon on its thumbnail to add it to your favorites list.

Step 2: Add a title clip - To add titles to your project, pick a title style you like and drag its thumbnail onto the title track of the Timeline, right above the video track, onto the time where you want them to appear. The title clip will appear as a purple ribbon on the Timeline.

Note the purple line connecting the beginning of each title clip to a corresponding video clip on the video track. This way, whenever you move or edit the video clip, its titles will always stay in sync.

To make several text clips appear simultaneously, simply place them one on top of another on the titles track.

Step 3: Edit titles - When you've added a title clip, it will start out with the default text and looks. Double-click the title's ribbon on the Timeline to show editing options in the player.

Title clip properties

Click the cogwheel icon at the top of the editing panel to see title clip properties. Here, you can change the duration of the titles and animation speed (how fast they will appear or disappear).

Editing text

1. In the preview, double-click on the text box you want to edit.
2. Enter the new text.
3. Click the Font properties button and select the font style, size, and alignment options for the selected text.
4. Click the Color properties button and choose a color for the text, and the outline's width and color.
5. Drag the text box to where you want to see it on the video.

Editing decoration elements

Some titles come with frames, ribbons, and other decorations. To change their color, select the decoration element you want to edit and click the Color properties button. Then, click the Decorations color palette and choose the new color. Finally, click Apply to exit editing mode.

Adding a timer

Step 1: Open the Titles tab - Click the Titles button on the left sidebar to open the list of available text styles.

Step 2: Add Timer titles

1. Find the "Timer" title style. Use the search bar or click the Basic group to filter the styles.
2. Drag the Timer titles onto the title track of the Timeline. Move the clip along the Timeline until its beginning is where the titles should appear. To change the length of the timer, drag at the edges of the clip.

Step 3: Edit the timer
1. Double-click the timer clip on the Timeline to edit it. A properties panel will appear over the player.
2. On the Clip properties tab , set the duration and the format of the timer. The format determines which units of time are visible on the timer: hours (hh), minutes (mm), seconds (ss), and milliseconds (zzz).
3. On the Font properties tab , choose the font and style of the numbers.
4. On the Color properties tab , set the color of the numbers and the background color. To make the background transparent, click the background color square and set Opacity to 0%.
5. On the Timer tab , enter the starting time into the From box. If you want the timer to count backwards, select the Countdown option.
6. In the player, drag the Timer to the necessary location on screen.
7. Finally, click Apply to exit editing mode.

Saving custom titles

After you've set up titles to look the way you want, you can save that style and use it in your projects.

Step 1: Just like you usually edit titles, double-click the title clip and choose the font, color, and other options.
Step 2: Click the Save icon at the top of the title editing panel on top of the player.
Step 3: Enter a name for your titles and click Save.

The new title style will appear under the My titles group.


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