History of eCommerce

In the 1970s, the term electronic commerce, referred to electronic data exchange for sending business documents such as purchase orders and voices electronically. Later, with the development of this industry the term of electronic commerce is used to business of goods and services via the web. When the first World Wide Web was introduced in 1994 as a comprehensive, many well-known researchers have been predicated this type of business “the web-based business” will became soon an important in the world economy, but it took four years that http based protocols should be widely available to users.

The first electronic commerce created in USA and some European countries in 1998. These types of business are formed with beginner and unprofessional websites and it has been expanded rapidly. Electronic commerce was spread rapidly in most cities in America, Europe and East Asia in 2005. Some say dates of electronic commerce return to prior of the Internet, but due to the costs of this style of business, only business and financial institutions and corporations could use it. But with the widespread use of the Internet to all of the people and change the structure of electronic commerce, this kind of business from specific business case for a particular group out and became the industrial form.


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