Free HRM Course-Importance of HRM

The importance of human resource management can be discussed by Yodder, Heneman and others, from three standpoints, viz., social, professional and individual enterprise.

1. Social Significance: Proper management of personnel enhances their dignity by satisfying their social needs.

This is done by:
(i) maintaining a balance between the jobs available and the jobseekers, according to the qualifications and needs.
(ii) Providing suitable and most productive employment, which might bring them psychological satisfaction.
(iii) making maximum utilization of the resources in an effective manner and paying the employee a reasonable compensation in proportion to the contribution made by him.
(iv) eliminating waste or improper use of human resource, through conservation of their normal energy and health.
(v) by helping people make their own decisions, that are in their interests.

2. Professional Significance: By providing healthy working environment it promotes team work in the employees.

This is done by:
(i) maintaining the dignity of the employee as a ‘human-being’.
(ii) providing maximum opportunity for personal development.
(iii) providing healthy relationship between different work groups so that work is effectively performed.
(iv) improving the employees’ working skill and capacity.
(v) correcting the errors of wrong postings and proper reallocation of work.

3. Significance for Individual Enterprise: It can help the organization in accomplishing its goals by: 

(i) creating right attitude among the employees through effective motivation.
(ii) utilizing effectively the available goals of the enterprise and fulfilling their own social and other psychological needs of recognition, love, affection, belongingness, esteem and self-actualization.

Dynamic and growth - oriented organization do require effective management of people in a fast - changing environment. Organizations flourish only through the efforts and competencies of their human resources. Employee capabilities must continuously be acquired, sharpened, and used.

Any organization will have proper human resource management,

(i) to improve the capabilities of an individual.
(ii) to develop team spirit of an individual and the department.
(iii) to obtain necessaiy co - operation from the employees to promote organizational effectiveness.


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