Essential Tools for Garment Decoration

Product specialist Roger Wambolt covers several of the tools in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite that are indispensable when working on designs for garment decoration, including:

• Smooth tool, which reduces the number of nodes that would affect the way a shape is filled.
• Enhanced Knife tool, which allows you to cut single objects or groups of objects and create gaps or overlaps with precision.
• Copy Curve Segments features, which allows you to copy, paste or duplicate pieces of existing curves to reuse in your projects.
• New Font Manager, which allows you to easily explore, handle and organize fonts.
• Pointillizer add-on, which allows you to generate high-quality vector mosaics from selected objects, vector graphics or bitmaps.
• Photo Zoom, a free app which allows you to upsample a raster image larger than 20%.
• PowerTrace, which allows you to convert bitmap images into high-quality vector objects.


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