Environmental factors affecting the Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurs are individuals acting independently or as part of an organization, who create a new venture or develop an innovation and take risks entering them into the market place. Any one who operates a business has a so much of risk, most of the banks demands personal guarantee from entrepreneurs for getting loans.

When the business is not production enough to pay back the bank, the entrepreneur is liable to lose his house. It is this risk taking entrepreneur who supports the growth of economy. Under modern economic system, the tasks of entrepreneurs are not simple one. In the most competitive market oriented global economy the entrepreneurs are compelled to face the adventurous challenges if they want to be successful in their economic venture.

The major bottleneck for the development of entrepreneurship in India is the absence of infrastructural facilities. An entrepreneur has to spend a considerable part of his capital towards construction of building and making arrangement for infrastructural facilities. Enterprises, through important, face a number of problems which have resulted in their retarded growth.

They are related to almost all the crucial areas of production, personal, technology, non-availability of raw-materials, infrastructure, fixation, government policy, failure in continuous power supply, inadequate working capital, lack of information to access markets and foreign business opportunities, lack of trained personnel, obsolete technology etc. These are the major barriers to the growth of entrepreneurship.

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