Entrepreneurial Process

Entrepreneurship is a process, a journey, not the destination; a means, not an end. All the successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Warren Buffet (Hathaway), Gordon Moore (Intel) Steve Jobs (Apple Computers), Jack Welch (GE) GD Birla, Jamshedji Tata and others all went through this process.

To establish and run an enterprise it is divided into three parts – the entrepreneurial job, the promotion, and the operation. Entrepreneurial job is restricted to two steps, i.e., generation of an idea and preparation of feasibility report. In this chapter, we shall restrict ourselves to only these two aspects of entrepreneurial process.

1. Idea Generation :

To generate an idea, the entrepreneurial process has to pass through three stages:

a. Germination : This is like seeding process, not like planting seed. It is more like the natural seeding. Most creative ideas can be linked to an individual’s interest or curiosity about a specific problem or area of study.

b. Preparation : Once the seed of interest curiosity has taken the shape of a focused idea, creative people start a search for answers to the problems. Inventors will go on for setting up laboratories; designers will think of engineering new product ideas and marketers will study consumer buying habits.

c. Incubation : This is a stage where the entrepreneurial process enters the subconscious intellectualization. The sub-conscious mind joins the unrelated ideas so as to find a resolution.

2. Feasibility study :

Feasibility study is done to see if the idea can be commercially viable. It passes through two steps:

a. Illumination : After the generation of idea, this is the stage when the idea is thought of as a realistic creation. The stage of idea blossoming is critical because ideas by themselves have no meaning.

b. Verification : This is the last thing to verify the idea as realistic and useful for application. Verification is concerned about practicality to implement an idea and explore its usefulness to the society and the entrepreneur.

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