Electronic Commerce & Information Technology

Information technology has changed the manner of acts of people, organizations, governments and so economic, social affairs and even the mentality of people has changed. Education, health, industry, manufacturing, trade, banking and even of all entertainments services have effected and changes with technology. Information technology creates new jobs, new industries, change lifestyle and has brought new creativity in all of the dimensions of our life. Understanding of people together, adapted cultures and decrease of incompatibility are examples of these consequences.

From scientific perspective, Information Technology and Genetic Engineering with aerospace knowledge is one of the leading branches of knowledge and constructor of civilization of human in the future. Advances in Information Technology have expanded to the point that some experts with phenomena such as “inventing steam engine” have equated. In economic dimension, “the importance of rapid access to accurate information” is the key to success in global competition. Electronic commerce is one of the important branches of Information Technology that has been emerged as the result of development of Information Technology.

Electronic Commerce & Websites

Websites are effective in acts of business corporations. Websites are gateways to business brands, products and services of manufacturers. A company that does not care about its websites ultimately will be bankruptcy in business. The websites that are not adapted are like an old and faded showcase in a traditional business. Therefore, companies should have a strong background and exact planning in Internet search. For many users, the site of search (search engine) is the entry point to the Internet.

For many changes in the world around us, each organization or agency should coordinate itself with the changes and enhance its work efficiency. Internet especially websites can be suitable means to achieve this goal. For instance, web can use up to extend markets by facilitating the presentation and repartition of existing products in to new business centers. The web can also be a workmanship that facilitates products development, as companies who their existing customers well create exciting, new or alternative offering for them.


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