Editing Audio with Movavi Video Editor

Add audio

To add music or other sounds to your project, open the Import tab and click Add Media Files. Or you can use one of the built-in music tracks:

click the Music category and take your pick from our royalty-free music collection.


To change a video or audio clip's volume, click the Audio Properties button on the toolbar and set the necessary volume in the audio tools section above.

Playing audio synchronously

If you want two audio clips to play at the same time, simply drag one clip underneath the other. This way, you can have as many sub-tracks as you want. With music, you can use this to create a crossfade effect when you join songs: align the beginning of the second song with the end of the first song to make them joined almost seamlessly.

Audio properties and adjustments

To enhance and adjust the audio, click the Audio Properties button on the toolbar and scroll down in the audio tools section above.

Record audio

1. Connect a microphone to your computer.
2. On the Timeline, place the position marker to where you want the recording to start.
3. Click the microphone button on the toolbar to open recording options.
4. Set up your recording device and volume.
5. Click Start Recording and record the audio. When you're finished, click Stop Recording. You'll find your new recording on the Timeline.

Set start time for audio clips

After you've added the audio files, they will appear on the audio track of the Timeline as blue ribbons. To change when the audio clip starts playing, drag it along the Timeline, using the ruler at the top for time reference.


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