eBusiness and eCommerce

Internationally both the terms can be interchanged and having the same concepts, that is , doing business online. However, EB is the term which is derived from e‐commerce. However there is little difference between these two concepts. Electronic commerce is a business to business [B2B] initiative aimed at communicating business transaction documents on a real time or near real time basis between known trading partners such as suppliers, customers etc. E‐commerce might be considered as the use of the Internet as a company’s primary or exclusive portal to its customers. Amazon or e‐bay conducts all of their business online and their products and services are exclusively those which can be sold online.
On the other side e‐business refers to companies for which internet is one of several channels to customers and perhaps not even the primary one. Banks are a classic example, as are companies, which have internet storefronts. But all such entities have other primary channels to distribute their products. The main distinctions between E‐commerce and E‐Business are,


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