Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

If you regularly use a few buttons that are scattered on various tabs of the ribbon and you don’t want to switch between tabs to access the buttons or crowd your ribbon with a custom tab, you might want to add these frequently used buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. They are then always visible in the upper-left corner of the program window. 

Clicking Quick Access Toolbar in the left pane of a program’s Options dialog box displays the page where you specify which commands you want to appear on the toolbar.

On this page, you can customize the ribbon in the following ways:

● You can define a custom Quick Access Toolbar for the program, or you can define a custom Quick Access Toolbar for a specific file.

● You can add any command from any group of any tab, including contextual tabs, to the toolbar.

● You can display a separator between different types of buttons.

● You can move buttons around on the toolbar until they are in the order you want.

● You can reset everything back to the default Quick Access Toolbar configuration.

If you never use more than a few buttons, you can add those buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar and then hide the ribbon by double-clicking the active tab or by clicking the Minimize The Ribbon button. Only the Quick Access Toolbar and tab names remain visible. You can temporarily redisplay the ribbon by clicking the tab you want to view.

You can permanently redisplay the ribbon by double-clicking any tab or by clicking the Expand The Ribbon button.

As you add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar, it expands to accommodate them. If you add many buttons, it might become difficult to view the text in the title bar, or not all the buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar might be visible, defeating the purpose of adding them. To resolve this problem, you can move the Quick Access Toolbar below the ribbon by clicking the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button and then clicking Show Below The Ribbon.


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