Creating a Table of Contents with PDF Bookmarks

This tutorial will show you how you can quickly create Tables of Contents and PDFs that include Bookmarks, by using Styles.

 Create a document with a few headings, like Introduction and Summary
• Click in the word ‘Introduction’
• In the Property Bar, click the Styles dropdown and select Heading 2
• Apply another Heading 2 to the word ‘Summary’
• Now save your file, and plant your cursor where you would like the Table of Contents to appear
• Click Tools / Reference / Table of Contents
• Click ‘Define’ to change the levels to ‘3’
• Click Generate

Your Table of Contents appears.

• Select File / Publish to PDF
• Click Settings / Document and make sure ‘Generate Hyperlinks’ is checked

Save your PDF and test the automatically created Bookmarks in the PDF file.


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