Creating an Intro with Movavi Video Editor

Create, save and reuse your own intro videos with the images, effects and animation you need.

Step 1. Add a new intro

• In the Import section go to Intros.
• Find the New intro item and drag and drop it onto the Timeline.

Step 2. Edit the intro

• Click on the edit clip icon an the Timeline will switch to the intro editing mode.
• Add your own media files (video, audio or pictures), effects, titles and other. Work as if you're working with a usual project, but keep in mind that your making a special introductory video.

Step 3. Save changes

After you're done working with your intro, click apply and return on the toolbar to save changes and go back to the main editing mode.

To save the intro and use it in other projects, select the intro clip and click save button . The intro will be saved with all the other items in the collection.

You can edit the intro at any time while working on the project.


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