Creating and Managing Projects

When you work on your movie, all the changes you make are stored in a project. A new project is created automatically when you start working on a video.

To create a new project:

• On launching the Video Editor: click New Project if you want to make the video yourself or Quick Video to make a quick automated video.
• Open the File menu and choose New Project for a new video from scratch, or New Montage to start in quick mode.

After that, you can save your project as a file in the *.mepb format on your computer and open it later to continue editing your movie.

Saving projects

To avoid losing your editing progress, make sure to save your project every once in a while. To save a project, open the File menu and choose Save Project.

A project stores all the work on your movie or slideshow. You can save the project for finishing your work later, or restore your work if you need to edit something after you've finished.

1. Open the File menu and choose Save Project.
2. You will be asked to enter a name for the project. Your project files should be stored in the "\My Videos\Movavi Video Editor\Projects" folder of your user.
3. Click Save to confirm saving.

Saving portable project

A portable project is a kind of project that contains all the media files that comprise it. Since the program does not create copies of the files and only refers to their location on the disk, the project will only work properly on another computer if all the media files are present there as well. With the portable project saving option, you don't have to collect all the files manually.

1. Open the File menu and choose Save Portable Project
2. Set a path for your project folder to be saved to and click Save.
3. Then transfer the project folder to another computer with Movavi Video Editor installed.

How to change where projects are saved

1. Open the Settings menu and choose Preferences.
2. Click the Files tab.
3. Find the Save project files to box and click the button next to it to choose a different folder for storing your projects.
4. Select the folder you want to use and click Select Folder.

Opening projects

To open a previous project, open the File menu and choose Open. Then, find the project file and continue working on your movie.
By default, your projects are saved to "\My Videos\Movavi Video Editor\Projects", but you can save your projects anywhere else you like.

How to open a project

1: Find your project in Windows Explorer and drag it onto the Video Editor window.
2: Find your project in Windows Explorer and double-click it to open.
3: Click Open Project on the welcome screen. Then, locate the project file in the Windows Explorer box and click Open.
4: Open the File menu and choose Open Project. Then, locate the project file in the Windows Explorer box and click Open.
5: In the Import section click Add Media Files and select a project.

If your computer malfunctions and you cannot save the project, some of your work may be restored using an autosave file. Simply rename the "autosave.mepb" file and open it in the Video Editor to continue working on your project.

Plus edition projects

Projects created with the Movavi Video Editor Plus edition cannot be opened in the regular Movavi Video Editor. Projects created in the basic version of the Editor can be opened in the Plus version, however, you will need to save them in the new format.

Media use

When you open a previously created project, you may see a message saying that a file is missing from the project. This may happen if one of the files used in the project has been moved somewhere else or deleted from disk. In this case, click Specify Folder in the message box to find the files in their new location, or click Skip to open the project without the missing files. You can also click the magnifying glass icon and specify location of a single file. We recommend that you copy all the files to your hard drive before editing.


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