Consumer to Business & Consumer to Consumer


Consumer-to-Business is the transfer of services, goods or information from persons to business or it is a business model where end users create products and services that are used by business and institutions.

Consumer-to-business (C2B) e-commerce that involves individuals selling to businesses may include a service/product that a consumer is willing to sell. Individuals offer certain prices for specific products/services. Companies such as and are examples of C2B.


Consumer-to-Consumer is an electronic Internet facilitated medium, which involves transactions among users and it is a business model which two consumers deal business with each other directly. Using C2C e-commerce, consumers sell directly to other consumers using the Internet and web technologies.

Individuals sell a wide variety of services/products on the Web or through auction sites such as and through classified ads or by advertising. Consumers are also able to advertise their products and services in organizational intranets and sell them to other employees.


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