Coaxial Cable and Fiber Optics

Coaxial Cable

With ``coax'', the medium consists of a copper core surrounded by insulating material and a braided outer conductor. Co-axial cable has superior frequency characteristics compared to twisted-pair and can be used for both analog and digital signaling. Coaxial cables are used both for baseband and broadband communication. One of the most popular use of co-axial cable is in cable TV (CATV) for the distribution of TV signals. Another importance use of co-axial cable is in LAN.


High Bandwidth
Better noise Immunity
Easy to install and expand


Single cable failure can disrupt the entire network

Fiber Optics

In fiber optic technology, the medium consists of a hair-width strand of silicon or glass, and the signal consists of pulses of light. For instance, a pulse of light means ``1'', lack of pulse means ``0''. It has a cylindrical shape and consists of three concentric sections: the core, the cladding, and the jacket. Optical fiber cables are finding widespread use in long-distance telecommunications. Fiber optic cables are also used in high-speed LAN applications.


Increased capacity and bandwidth 
Light weight 
Less signal attenuation 
Immunity to electromagnetic interference 
Resistance to corrosive materials 


Difficult to install and maintain 
High cost


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