Big Data Challenges

In connection with the processing capacity issues, designing a big data architecture is a common challenge for users. Big data systems must be tailored to an organization's particular needs, a DIY undertaking that requires IT and data management teams to piece together a customized set of technologies and tools. Deploying and managing big data systems also require new skills compared to the ones that database administrators and developers focused on relational software typically possess.

Both of those issues can be eased by using a managed cloud service, but IT managers need to keep a close eye on cloud usage to make sure costs don't get out of hand. Also, migrating on-premises data sets and processing workloads to the cloud is often a complex process.

Other challenges in managing big data systems include making the data accessible to data scientists and analysts, especially in distributed environments that include a mix of different platforms and data stores. To help analysts find relevant data, data management and analytics teams are increasingly building data catalogs that incorporate metadata management and data lineage functions. The process of integrating sets of big data is often also complicated, particularly when data variety and velocity are factors.

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