Benefits of eCommerce to Consumers & Society

E-Commerce provides many benefits to consumers as well.

1. Easy Accessibility:
E-commerce enables customers to shop or conduct other transactions 24 hours a day, all year round from almost any location. For example, a customer can check his balances, making payments, obtaining travel and other information.

2. More choices:
Customers can now choose a wide range of products and customise. He can buy goods and services even from an international selection of suppliers.

3. Price comparisons:
Customers can ‘shop’ around the world and can make price comparisons either directly by visiting different sites, or by visiting a single site where prices of different sellers are exhibited.

4. Improved delivery processes:
This can range from the immediate delivery of digitised or electronic goods such as software or audiovisual files by downloading via the Internet, to the on-line tacking of the progress of packages being delivered by mail or courier.

Benefits of E-Commerce to Society

E-commerce is also useful to the society as described below.

1. Flexible working practices:
E-commerce enables more flexible working practices, which enhances the quality of life or people in society, enabling them to work from home. This is more convenient and provides happiest and less stressful working environments ; it also reduces environmental pollution as few people have to travel to work regularly.

2. Connects people:
This also helps people in both developing countries and rural areas to enjoy and access products, services, information and other people which otherwise would not be so easily available to them.

3. Facilitates delivery of public services:
E-commerce also facilitates delivery of public services. For example, public can make use of health services available over the Inernet for on-line consultation with doctors or nurses, filing fax return over the Internet through the website.


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