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In a service organization, the system by which you receive delivery of the service constitutes the process. For example, in fast food outlets the process comprises buying the coupons at one counter and picking up the food against that at another counter. Services can be described on the basis of the types of processes used in the delivery of the services.

There are three kinds of delivery processes that are applicable in case of service products. They are line operations, job shop operations and intermittent operations. Self service restaurants are examples of line operations. The consumer moves through logically arranged operations which are arranged in a sequence. When the consumers require a combination of services using different sequences, the job shop type of operation is more useful. Hospitals, restaurants and educational institutions usually have this type of delivery process. In a hospital, some patients need only consultation in the Out Patient Department, some others may need consultation as well as medication or X-ray, some patients require hospitalization or surgery, medication or investigations.

All these categories of consumers require a different combination of dishes. A college may offer courses for full-time students as well as for working people through correspondence. Firms offering consultancy for projects use this kind of delivery system. Advertising agencies also use the intermittent delivery system since each advertising campaign requires a unique set of input factors.

Finally Service Management is a very important part in every services supplying industry. In present there are lot of jobs available in Service Industry.

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