A Time Management Goal

There is a difference between being effective at managing your time and simply being busy. Many of us are used to busy work and may not even question anymore whether or not it is a valid use of our time. But this course will help you take on a new time management goal.

Concentrate on results, not on staying busy.

If you adopt this goal, you will find that it helps to identify which of your activities are actually contributing to your effectiveness and which activities are wasting time, distracting you from goals, and increasing your stress level by making you feel overworked.

To keep track of how you spend your time at work, you will need to choose a period of time, preferably a week, that is representative of your average workload. For example, if you have a peak in activity at the end of the month, you would want to pick a week that crosses into that time frame but is not entirely in that time frame so that the ‘normal’ days balance out the heavier workload days. You wouldn’t want to pick the week of winter holidays unless you are specifically interested in identifying how you use your time during that period of the year.


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